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What does our kit include? 

As a leader in the steel building industry we strive to provide quality service and products to our customers. One big way to provide quality service to our customers is to keep the customer informed of what they are receiving when they purchase a steel building kit from Encore Steel Buildings. This will help you properly plan your building and budget so you will not have surprise expenses during your building project.

Framing, secondary frames, and bracing

*Our buildings are I-Beam construction to provide a strong solid support system.

*They are made to support all codes and loads needed such as snow, wind, and seismic

*all red iron frames, purlins, and girts

*different types of bracing to give you the flexibility of designing a building how you want without losing support.


*We offer different panel profiles to fit customer needs.

*Many colors options are available, please see our color chart online or contact us to send you a chart.

*We provide different gauge panels to fit your needs and preferences.


*Our Drafters and Engineers will design your building to meet any specs you provide us.

*Stamped drawings are available for customers who may need to pull permit or require them.

*Every one of our buildings is custom-made and our team is ready to make the shop, home, or shed of your dreams.


*Overhead doors (roll up or sectional)


*walk doors


While everything that is stated here is material and services we offer, all quotes are custom quoted and will vary depending on what customer requests when speaking with a member of our sales team.