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Why choose an Encore Steel Buildings metal home kit?

Encore Steel Buildings is an industry leader in metal home kits, offering an assortment of budget friendly, affordable metal building options. As people begin to realize how energy efficient, safe and durable metal housing is, the residential steel home industry continues to rise. Metal building kits are now at the forefront of innovative residential technologies. Offering low cost, easy construction, inviting styles and nice floor plans, metal home building kits are the most economical purchase option. Anything is possible!  

  • Our metal buildings are designed by some of the best engineering professionals in the world
  • We use only the most sophisticated, computer-aided manufacturing equipment available
  • We have a solid relationship with suppliers ensuring your project stays on schedule
  • Our dedicated support staff will be with you before, during and after your metal building purchase

Currently, demand for modern metal housing is growing exponentially. For many years, metal building kits have been widely used in agriculture and farming industries. Barns, shops, storage buildings and other steel buildings have been a common sight in farming communities. Lower costs, easy construction and long-term durability meant farmers could provide adequate and durable shelter needs for their animals, crop supplies and equipment at an affordable price.

As the housing market begins to recover, it is again becoming more difficult for the average family or house builder to find options that are safe, durable and affordable. This has created a market of newer, safer, more durable and cost-effective options— the metal home building. Encore Steel offers several cost-effective ways to purchase a steel home kit today. 

One significant benefit of a metal home kit, aside from initial cost savings, is that these houses are extremely durable. As metal does not rot, these structures are very easy to maintain and require very little upkeep. Our steel home kits assure your family the safest, healthiest and strongest choice in building today! 

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Many building enhancements are available such as wall louvers, reinforced translucent fiberglass skylights, ridge ventilators and snow guards

When you are ready to get started, Call Encore Steel Buildings Inc
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You receive personalized service from employees trained in the pre-engineered building industry, who will respond to your inquiry, discuss your needs and price a customized steel building to your specifications within 24 hours or less.

NO MIDDLEMAN: Our all-steel metal buildings are designed and sold directly to you, so you save time and money.

Submit a short form or call and a “Metal Building Specialist” will send you information on the type of metal building kit you are interested in. 

Every Encore Steel building is unique. Call today to discuss your personal needs and get started on your custom architectural plans at no cost to you — this is the first step on the road to creating your dream home.

Encore Steel metal home building kits offer the best value available on the market today. 

Because every Encore steel home kit is unique, estimating how much a steel home costs is not a “one price fits all” option. Anything is possible, guided by your needs and requirements. Encore Steel offers clear-span construction, providing endless flexibility for the floor plans and special features you desire in your dream home. When considering Encore Steel building kits, be assured Encore offers fully customizable building kits to fit your residential needs. This flexibility allows you to design the house best suited to your needs and budget.

Superior quality materials and customized designs give Encore Steel homes the edge. Flexible metal building design, professional engineering, industry-leading warranty protection, over 30 years of experience, and 100% American steel make us your number one choice for components and pre-engineered steel buildings. Explore the available options and elements of our steel-framed homes and see the variety of choices available to you. 

What is a fully customizable building kit?

Encore Steel Buildings customizable building kits are literally designed by you through or professional staff.

When you call and speak to one of our building specialists you can describe your home or building in as little detail or in as much detail as you like.
At the same time our building specialists will work like a sketch artists and begin to draw your building.
For example?
How many windows do want and where?
How many doors and where?
Do want a porch on the front on the back or both?
Should the roof be steep or flatter?
Is your garage attached or not? Two cars or three?
There are very few limits to what we can design with you.

Explore the available options and elements of our steel-framed homes and see the variety of choices available to you.
Call today 833-733-4766 / 833-RED-IRON
for a completely free conversation.
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